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Editor-Apeksha Telecom

Editor-Bikas Kumar Singh

This is Bikas Kumar Singh.

I am a telecom professional with more than 18 years of experience in 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G. My area of expertise are RAN and RF, 4G 5G Protocol testing & Log Analysis , 5G Optimization and ORAN. I worked globally with top telecom MNC's like AT&T(USA), Vodafone (QATAR), Nokia, ZTE and IWS.  

I am Electronics and Communication Engineering graduate from VTU Belgaum Karnataka, and Masters in Business Administration specialized in Marketing from Mangalore University. 

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Our Story

Apeksha Telecom- The Telecom Gurukul, A pioneer telecom training institute- since 2004,  we are offering 4G/5G Protocol Testing and Log Analysis course, online and offline for Freshers, RF Engineers, OSS & BSS Engineers, Optimization Engineers, O&M Engineers & Technical support Engineers.

We collaborate with top telecom MNCs,  who recognize the value we bring to Telecom Industry. We offer industry-standard 4G/5G Protocol Testing and Log Analysis to our students, which includes comprehensive study material and real-time simulations. 

  • In depth understanding of different technologies- LTE, LTE Advance, 5G. VoNR, CSFB, SRVCC IMS, VoIP, SIP, VoNR and Bluetooth

  • Expertise Access and Non-Access stratum modules (Layer3/Layer2/layer1) are mandatory for4G/5G protocol stack modules.

  • Expertise in NAS, RRC,  PDCP, RLC, MAC and PHY Layer.

  • In depth understanding of 3GPP specification according to Layers and Protocols. Good experience understanding and decoding the 3GPP

  • In depth , step wise, deep understanding of CALL FLOW concepts for 4G, 5G, IMS, VoLTE and VoNR.

  • Expertise in analyzing logs and troubleshooting issues from the field or lab for 4G-LTE Data calls, VoLTE, 5G, VoNR .

  • Excellent knowledge in 4G/5G 3GPP system architecture, protocol specifications and related procedures in control and data plane on Non-Access, Acces-Stratum and Layer 1 level.

With 18 year of experience of telecom training, we understand the need to have in depth knowledge of LTE protocol fundamentals and concepts of different layers like NAS,RRC,PDCP, RLC, MAC and Physical layer  for 4G and 5G wireless technologies. We offer telecommunication training and telecom testing training to our students, which include comprehensive study material and real-time simulations, tools and guidance to crack any interview of protocol testing. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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